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Dominate A Salary Negotiation Like A Pro

February 7, 2012
A salary negotiation is often like a tug of war

In discussing tips for negotiating your salary requirements with a new company, or even negotiating a raise, think of this in two phases: one, general preparation; and, two, salary negotiation. Through proper general preparation for an interview or for a word with a senior member of staff, you will be much more confident and persuasive. […]

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Current IT Hiring Trends By The Numbers

October 12, 2011

As with most topics surrounding the current economy, hiring trends are extremely important now. Since many people believe hiring trends will indicate the “turn around point” to signal the economy is on its way to recovery, these numbers are watched closely and often times used to create a bigger statement than what the raw numbers […]

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How to Improve the SEO of your LinkedIn Profile

September 15, 2011

Are you looking for a way to improve the search engine ranking of your LinkedIn profile? Many people overlook the importance of doing so. It is one thing to have a LinkedIn profile; it is another thing entirely to increase visibility. Below are several tips that can help improve the SEO of your LinkedIn profile: […]

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Tips To Build A Solid Foundation In IT

August 23, 2011
Building A Solid Foundation For A Career In IT

There are many reasons people seek IT certifications. Some people are looking for a way to get started in the IT field while experienced IT professionals may be pursuing a better job with higher pay. Some feel that certifications result in more job security. There is a lot of debate among IT professionals about which […]

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3 Hottest New Jobs in IT

July 14, 2011

Are you interested in an IT job? Are you looking for something fresh and exciting? There is no better time than now to be in the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, IT positions have seen a month over month increase since January 2011. In short, this means that new positions are […]

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Target Silicone Valley: Getting Hired at the Hottest Tech Companies

June 23, 2011

With the United States economy suffering from record unemployment levels, the online technology industry is still growing rapidly. With the popularity of social networking, new startup companies are entering the field every day. The first dot-com boom of the 1990s led to the creation of many startup technology companies that have now grown into large […]

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What Is Cloud Computing And Why Should You Care?

June 22, 2011

Announced during the 2011 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), computer software and mobile technology giant Apple introduced their iCloud system, a technology that takes cloud computing to the higher level of syncing with not just computers, but that of phones and tablets. While a big announcement for Apple, this type of technology isn’t hardly new. As […]

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The 7 Steps Of A Twitter Job Search

June 20, 2011

Twitter isn’t just a way of keeping up with what your friends and favorite celebrities are doing. It’s time to turn up the heat and use Twitter to land a job that you love. If you haven’t already created an account for yourself, you’re going to want to do that first. When it comes to […]

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Technology Jobs Are Hot Again As Twitter And Others Hire

May 2, 2011
A Look At One Of Twitter

The technology sector in California’s Silicon Valley is looking promising once again for job seekers and students interested in the fields of web design, software design, management, social media promotion, and computer engineering. The expansion of well-known companies has created a surge in the number of available jobs, which is excepted to approach nearly 150,000 […]

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7 Ways LinkedIn Can Turbo-charge Your Career

March 24, 2011

Spreading gossip, playing games and posting party pics on Facebook might be fun, but none of these activities will help you with your career – unless you’re trying to stymie it. But that doesn’t mean a social media site can’t be an effective job hunting tool… if you know which to use and how best […]

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