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CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 IT Training Course Released by QuickCert

September 12, 2014
CompTIA Security+ New Release

CompTIA Security+ with Cloud Computing, BYOD and SCADA Portland, OR – QuickCert Online IT Training ( recently announced the release of its newest online technology training module for the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam SY0-401. In this video training course, students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to protect businesses from the theft or destruction […]

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Cyber Security is the New Front Line in a New War with CompTIA Security+ Training being Boot Camp!

October 30, 2013
Cyber Security is the Frontline in a New War

The Pentagon and a growing cyber industrial complex are gearing up for the new front line: Cyberspace. The Pentagon is rapidly ramping up to expand its Cyber-Warfare capacity, bidding to be the go-to authority for the nation’s Cyber-Defense. Cyber- Operations is one of its few areas that will see a considerable budget increase – from […]

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Did you know that a CompTIA Network+ Certification could be your door to a career with the National Security Agency?

October 21, 2013
CompTIA Network+ Training from QuickCert

NSA’s systems environment is a haven for Computer Scientists, with vast networks able to manipulate and analyze huge volumes of data at mind-boggling speeds. In Computer Science, your time is spent solving problems, testing approaches, and researching solutions. With NSA, you have the opportunity to maximize your knowledge, skills, initiative, and your ability to learn […]

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CompTIA Security+ – Youʼre Going to Need It for a Department of Defense Career

October 7, 2013
CompTIA Security+ Training from QuickCert

Selecting the right IT Certification is a confusing task for professionals in any industry but if your goal is a career with the Department of Defense, CompTIA Security+ can be your doorway in. CompTIA Security+ preps technicians in understanding IT Security risk. Also, it has recognition from the Department of Defense to be an entry-level […]

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CompTIA Network+ Jobs Growing 28% per Year

October 4, 2013
CompTIA Network+ jobs growing at 28% per year

What do Network and Computer Systems Administrators do that would make their job market grow at a remarkable 28% per year? Computer networks are critical parts of almost every organization. Network and Computer Systems Administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. They organize, install, and support an organizationʼs computer systems, including local […]

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CompTIA Strata: A Solid IT Foundation

February 23, 2012
Solid IT Foundation

The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Certification provides a solid foundation to expand into other areas of Information Technology. The CompTIA examinations measure the individual’s basic knowledge of computers and IT technology, such as setting up a workstation, installing software onto a PC, setting up basic security on a PC, and an understanding of basic IT […]

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In Pursuit Of A+ … A Crime Story

February 23, 2011
Joe Coffman

When you think of IT, you may not think of your local police – but your local police are sure thinking about IT. That’s the message we learned from 38-year-old municipal police detective, Joe Coffman, when he contacted QuickCert for help earning his CompTIA A+ Certification. “Although I’m assigned all kinds of cases, I noticed […]

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Earning Quick, Lifetime Certifications

January 26, 2011
Barry earned CompTIA A+ and Net+ under deadline

Although he knew we won’t be graduating with his IT degree until 2012, Barry Ross, 21, was thinking long-term in August 2010 when he discovered CompTIA’s new rules. The organization announced anyone earning their certifications before 2011 would have them deemed “good for life;” however, any earned afterwards would have to be renewed every three […]

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10 Day Deal – 25% Off CompTIA Training Courses/Packages

January 26, 2011
10 Day Deal

Deal Ends 2/5/11. Mention Promo Code QCA01 when you purchase any QuickCert CompTIA Training product or package and receive a 25% discount off your entire order. Call (888) 840-2378 or visit our website… OFFER DETAILS

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