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Server 2012 Certification Paths

October 10, 2012

Microsoft has announced changes to its Certification Tracks for Windows Server. Some of these changes incorporate a reincarnation of certifications that retired several years ago. Microsoft has brought back the MCSA and the MCSE in their certification learning environment. Not quite the same as what some of us remember them being. MCSA now stands for Microsoft […]

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If You Want It Done Right…

March 24, 2011

With never-ending technical issues, and out-of-site repair bills, Cathy Guntert, 50, came up with a solution to solve both – she’d learn to repair computers. “I knew it couldn’t be that hard, but just a matter of know-how,” says Cathy. “The repair techs would step in my door, do their thing, then hand me a […]

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In Pursuit Of A+ … A Crime Story

February 23, 2011
Joe Coffman

When you think of IT, you may not think of your local police – but your local police are sure thinking about IT. That’s the message we learned from 38-year-old municipal police detective, Joe Coffman, when he contacted QuickCert for help earning his CompTIA A+ Certification. “Although I’m assigned all kinds of cases, I noticed […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Self Study Materials

February 16, 2011
Self Study Materials

There’s an advantage to traditional learning environments for the purpose of learning. The classroom is ideal for people that want to learn new concepts. This is not to say, however, that the alternative of self-study is not effective. [pullquote]Ironically, some people learn better from self-study materials than they do from traditional classroom settings.[/pullquote] Anyone can utilize […]

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Earning Quick, Lifetime Certifications

January 26, 2011
Barry earned CompTIA A+ and Net+ under deadline

Although he knew we won’t be graduating with his IT degree until 2012, Barry Ross, 21, was thinking long-term in August 2010 when he discovered CompTIA’s new rules. The organization announced anyone earning their certifications before 2011 would have them deemed “good for life;” however, any earned afterwards would have to be renewed every three […]

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