CCENT Provides Validity To Networking Beginners

by QuickCert on September 22, 2010

CCENT Is One Of Cisco's Newest Certifications

If you’re new to Cisco’s networking products, the CCENT certification program is meant to validate the skills of the networking beginner.

CCENT is Cisco’s new entry level certification that affirms your basic skills to support, troubleshoot, install and operate an enterprise branch network. Knowledge such as network configuration and security are two of the practical skills needed to pass the exam. Both are covered in the certification training, and then you need to pass only one exam to be CCENT certified.

There are no prerequisites to receive the CCENT certification; all it takes is passage of the 640-822 ICND1 exam to get your credential. A CCENT qualifies you for jobs such as a network admin, network troubleshooter and as a systems analyst.

Benefits of the CCENT certification include:

• Validation of your networking skills for 3 years

• Better odds for job placement as a networking tech

• Higher salaries than uncertified technicians receive

• The first step towards receiving the advanced certifications

Passage of the CCENT exam can help you qualify for the more advanced CCNA certification, and finally the CCNP and CCNP, the most advanced certifications.
Students preparing for the CCENT exam will learn about:

• Ethernet LANs

• Wireless LANs

• Wide Area Networks (WANs)

• Router technologies

• Networking basics

• Building a network themselves

If you have some networking IT skills, a Cisco certification validates what you already know, and enhances your skills as you look toward the next level of certification. Today’s job market demands skills that come with validation, and a CCENT certification is the first step to a better job with more money and advanced credentials.