CCNA Exam Prep Starts With The Right Study Materials

by QuickCert on October 20, 2010

Exam Prep materials are important
Preparing for any examination is a daunting task. You must find time to study and prepare for your exam, and when the exam in question is something like the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam, having the right preparation and study materials can make a huge difference in your performance on the exam – which in turn will impact whether or not you are able to become a CCNA certified professional. This can have long lasting implications for your job and salary prospects, and while it is possible to retake many exams, this generally incurs additional expenses and delays the possible rewards for such efforts.

Those studying for the CCNA exam have several options available to them for preparation, including courses and self study options. CCNA courses are often extremely expensive and demand a great deal of time, which not every individual taking this exam has to give (especially those working full time jobs at the same time that they are trying to get their CCNA exam completed). This makes self study an attractive option for those seeking to prepare for their CCNA exam.

With self study, having the right study materials makes all the difference. Many people attempt to complete their CCNA self study using free materials found online and looking at books and online resources from previous years’ exams, but the CCNA exam is not a time when you want to hold back on your self study budget. Plenty of options are available for reasonable cost, which will be paid back many times over once you have obtained your certification and begun your work as a Cisco Certified Network Associate, or added this qualification to the reasons your employer should grant you a pay rise.

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So what are the right self study materials for you? This can be different for each individual taking the CCNA exam, but in general, the right study materials will:

– Give you clear guidelines on what kind of material to expect on the CCNA exam. You can’t prepare for your CCNA exam if you don’t know what’s coming by way of questions and exam structure!

– Show you the best strategies for looking at the way the exam is structured, with clear instructions on how to use this structure to your advantage. Remember that in test taking, knowing how to take the test can be just as important as knowing the answers to the questions located on it.

– Offer you ample opportunity to practice under test-like conditions, including making sure your sections are timed the same as they would be on the actual CCNA exam and that your test results are going to be produced under identical circumstances. If you aren’t able to practice the CCNA exam and learn from your mistakes, you will not find ways to improve your final score and make passing the exam more likely.

– Provide you with study materials that can be used to help increase your understanding of what is going to be asked as well as give you a reference to return to once you have passed your CCNA exam. While part of studying for any exam is being able to pass the exam, it is also important to realize that you will need to keep going back to the materials afterward for review.