Certification Choices For Microsoft Sharepoint Professionals

by QuickCert on February 2, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management platform and an information sharing portal that is utilized in the enterprise environment. SharePoint allows administrative users to assign access controls over various content including documents, folders and sites. SharePoint also supports and interacts with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. For example, SharePoint lists are easily exported into Excel spreadsheets. Microsoft Access may be used to work with a SharePoint list on a local computer versus working on intricate operations over an Internet connection. SharePoint is also fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, which enables users of SharePoint and Exchange to create SharePoint meeting spaces and workspaces from within their Outlook email applications.

SharePoint Server may be installed on one server, with one content database, or the server software may be installed across many servers and support several content databases. The size of the deployment is determined by the size and needs of the enterprise in which the SharePoint Server will be implemented.

Microsoft offers professional certifications for SharePoint Server administrators, as well as those who install and configure SharePoint. A Microsoft SharePoint certification demonstrates that the holder has attained the proficiency, knowledge and skill required to install, configure and administer a SharePoint deployment.

At this time, we offer the “Microsoft 70-630, Configuring” training course. This course will prepare the student to take the 70-630 examination, which will provide the student with the Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist certification (MCTS). The MCTS 70-630 certification indicates that the cert holder has proven their proficiency in installing and configuring all aspects of the Microsoft SharePoint Server software. The certification training prepares the student to not only install SharePoint to one server with one backend database, but will also provide the student with the knowledge to deploy SharePoint to a multi-server farm with several backend databases, an Active Directory server and other additional network devices.

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The Microsoft 70-630 exam will cover all aspects of installing SharePoint to one server, as well as to a multi-server farm. The exam also covers upgrades to the SharePoint environment and database detachments for upgrades. Additional knowledge required for passing the exam will include:

  • SharePoint Server and Farm Administration
  • Creating and Managing Site Collections
  • Creating and Managing Individual Sites
  • Authentication Strategies: Adding and Managing All Levels of Users
  • Deploying Web Applications and WebParts
  • Managing Content Databases
  • Configuring the SharePoint Server’s Email Service Options
  • SharePoint Backup and Recovery
  • Configuring SharePoint Search and Indexing
  • Implementing a Monitoring System for SharePoint
  • Upgrading the SharePoint Software, Applying Service Packs

In addition, the test taker should have a cursory knowledge of Best Practices for administering SharePoint Server. Topics such as How to Manage Site Growth and Expansion, How to Manage Obsolete Users, and How to Manage Storage should be understood.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Server, Configuring training course will cover all necessary material and provide the student with the required knowledge to take the 70-630 certification exam. Once the certification is obtained, the cert holder will be qualified to deploy and configure the SharePoint Server software in various enterprise environments. The cert holder will be conversational with regards to administering the SharePoint deployment. The cert holder should be able to train the server administrator, as well as the site collection and site administrators for any SharePoint deployment.