Certified Ethical Hacker – Does a Department of Defense Career await you?

by QuickCert on October 11, 2013

Certified Ethical Hacker Training from QuickCert IT Training

What if you needed to learn how to be a robber before you learned how to become a security guard? The guards take a class where they don black masks and smash through a glass case to appropriate jewels, or stick-up a bank and zip away.

Once they’ve demonstrated their mastery of the challenges, and signed contracts vowing to never use their skills for evil, the guards graduate. If they choose, they can seek Ethical Bank Robbing certificates, or can hop right in to a career in security.

That’s essentially how many young hackers (the friendly kind) are trained today with Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council) Training. Before moving into a government or Big Business job where they work to prevent hacks, they need to learn the darker side of the trade: exploiting loopholes, thieving from servers, cracking passwords–and not just learning those techniques but actually performing them, in a classroom set up especially for the experience.

Most of the ethical hacking classes share similar methods: a professor sets up a secure server, and only allows students to access it from computers in a designated lab. Those computers are connected to each other, but not to the internet at large. That turns them into the digital equivalent of dissection frogs–real-world learning tools placed in a not-quite-real-world setting. Professors can program the server with common vulnerabilities, and the students, as they learn the tricks of the trade, can hack inside using the skills they learn in the classroom. The names of those skills are esoteric–SQL injection, buffer overflow vulnerabilities, session hijacking–but can be broadly understood as people attempting to break in somewhere they wouldn’t normally be wanted.

The EC-Council CEH v8 Certified Ethical Hacker Training Package from QuickCert includes expert instructor-led training modules with customized presentations, practice simulators and learning supplements including the EC-Council Training Kit for an all- inclusive training program that provides the benefits of classroom training at your own pace.


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