Cyber Security Careers Hot in Colorado Springs

by QuickCert on October 15, 2013

Cyber Security Careers On the Rise in Colorado Springs | QuickCert

Colorado Springs is quickly becoming a home for CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker graduates! Coloradoʼs robust defense industry powers cyber jobs in the region. Located just 65 miles from the state capitol of Denver, Colorado Springs is home to four military installations, including Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, the United States Air Force Academy, and Schriever Air Force base. More than 66,000 people work in space – related jobs in Colorado, generating $8 billion in income according to a recently released report by the Brookings Institute.

Major defense contractors in Colorado Springs include Boeing, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman. The region also boasts a number of smaller defense and IT companies who focus on both the military and commercial sector. Hiring managers in the state are quick to point out that when it comes to IT hiring, every job seeker should be a cyber security professional.

The areas of cyber and information security apply to all of our employees working on government systems and their is an on-going need for Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Test Engineers, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators.
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