How To Secure A Networking Job After Passing The CCNA

by QuickCert on October 1, 2010

Land A Job With Your CCNA
Passing the CCNA is one of the most important steps in a computer networking career. The certification proves that you know how to effectively network in a medium to large network setting. Most businesses have networks of this size, so there are many jobs available for certified job-seekers.

In many cases it is necessary to have something in addition to the base certification. Previous network experience in a professional setting is a plus. Internships or volunteer work are also highly regarded. Self-employment can also be a selling point, but employers often disregard experience done during self-employment. However, if an individual can prove that the experience was legitimate, then the employers will take it into consideration.

Securing a networking job includes the same processes necessary to get any other kind of job. Personal networking may be the most important aspect of the process. Identify all contacts and consult with them about what networking jobs may be available. Almost everyone knows someone who might be hiring at the moment, so it is very important to cover every aspect of a personal network base. A large majority of job opportunities will be revealed through personal networking.

If personal networking does not offer any job options, then it is necessary to move on to the next level of network job hunting. Look online at computer and networking specific job sites. Almost every major city has a site where it is possible to find networking jobs. Regular job sites such as and also have listings for networking and other computer related jobs as well. It is important to remember to tailor a resume for each specific job rather than sending out the same one to every job.

If these options still do not bring any results then it is a good idea to search for volunteer work at businesses. [pullquote]These intern-style of volunteer jobs can add that extra level of experience that many employers are looking for.[/pullquote] An internship will separate one CCNA certified person from another. Working in a volunteer setting will also help individuals gain skills they might never have otherwise had the opportunity to experience.

Job fairs are another great place to find networking jobs. Many cities will offer job fairs every now and then that exclusively offer computer and networking jobs. Other cities will have generic job fairs that offer many different kinds of jobs. When visiting a job fair it is important to dress professionally and bring about one hundred resumes. This way every potential employer can have a copy of the resume on hand. A lot of companies will interview potential employees right on the spot.

Many people investigate all these options at once. Doing this will help an individual quickly get the best job possible. It is important for job seekers to remember that it is not always the best idea to take the first job offered. Sometimes it is better to wait for a position that is really wanted. On the other hand, it is also important to not turn down an offer because it is not ideal. Many companies offer a job that isn’t wanted, but also offer the option of transferring to another job at a later date.

Once the CCNA certification is obtained, the real work begins. Don’t give up and soon you will have the networking job you always wanted.