In Pursuit Of A+ … A Crime Story

by QuickCert on February 23, 2011

Joe Coffman

When you think of IT, you may not think of your local police – but your local police are sure thinking about IT. That’s the message we learned from 38-year-old municipal police detective, Joe Coffman, when he contacted QuickCert for help earning his CompTIA A+ Certification.

“Although I’m assigned all kinds of cases, I noticed many of the ones I was getting involved software forensics,” says Detective Coffman. “It just made sense to me that the more I knew about how computers worked, the better I’d be at my job.”

His boss agreed. So with his blessing – and department’s approval – Coffman went in search of IT training he could fit into his life.

“My wife is also a detective,” says Joe. “That means we both have grueling work shifts – which we split – so when one is on the job, the other is taking care of our four kids.”

Coffman found many IT training providers to choose from online, but from the testimonials he read, felt QuickCert had the best reputation. Once he ran his conclusion by his IT department’s head (who concurred it was a good choice), he started training online in February 2010.

“Having minimal knowledge of the subject matter – and home and work life weighing on me – I first felt too much info came at me too fast,” says Coffman. “But the course is designed for self-paced study, so I took advantage of it and slowed to a pace I was comfortable with.”

Coffman also took advantage of QuickCert’s Live Instructor Support Package; giving him a year of one-on-one communication with his course’s facilitator. He found it a hugely beneficial resource that complemented QuickCert’s study book, DVDs and the live and archived webinars.

More than 10 months passed, but on Dec. 23, 2010, Coffman took both his A+ exams; passing each on his first try.

“I think the fact I took my time is going to help me better remember the skills I gained,” said Coffman. “More so than those who quickly memorize the minimum in order to just pass their tests fast,” says Joe.

Now with his A+, Joe believes he has an improved grasp of the forensics behind his investigations that center on technology, such as phone records, emails and cell phones. Plus, he enjoys that he can get behind a computer and troubleshoot nearly any problem he encounters.

Joe is currently studying to pass his CompTIA Network+ and Microsoft MOS exams.