Is A+ Certification Still A Gateway To IT?

by QuickCert on February 21, 2012

The field of IT is constantly evolving, and with the rapid introduction of new technologies, IT workers must be held to a standard for introductory positions. A+ certification, although currently under scrutiny, is the bedrock for entry-level IT professionals. Understandably, A+ might be slightly outdated and lacks the depth that certain IT positions require, but nevertheless, a basic understanding of the computer and its systems are required for those professionals attempting to join the field. A+ certification is the initial milestone to launch a career in IT and when employers come to that consensus and A+ certification is accepted widely then the IT field will have an streamlined introduction in the form of this certification.

Of all the arguments against A+ certification, the most prominent one states that the certification falls short of finding the comprehension of a person’s ability to use the knowledge it tests. Often people claim that the certification is just not enough for an employee to handle the IT environment. This statement is over generalized and actually points to an entirely different problem with their argument. That problem being not that the certification is faulty, but that there is an assumption for an introductory-level IT professional to have “years of experience” before attempting to partake in the field. The expectation that a new-hire should be ready to hit the ground running with a complete understanding of anything that could be thrown at him or her is not the fault of the A+ certification, but the perception of the employer. The A+ certification is a check mark in a requirement box that is necessary and still relevant.

Many of the arguments against A+ certification also reference the outdated portions of the content it covers. They claim that a certification is only as good as the knowledge that A+ tests and that extraneous, irrelevant and outdated materials are found within the A+ certification criteria. Unfortunately the amount of information and knowledge base required in the IT field is growing at almost an exponential rate. To have a certification or test that comprehensively covered all of IT would be impossible, but a fundamental-level comprehensive test or certification is more than possible, it exists. The A+ certification exploits basic-level knowledge for an IT professional and integrates it to show that, at least, the person completing the course is at a starting-level position understanding of the computer as well as other basic IT subject matters.

A+ certification is the best reference the field has to mark if a potential employee has the required fundamental knowledge to succeed in the field. As a benchmarking tool for employers that understand the necessity for it, A+ certification provides an acceptable baseline for IT mastery. A+ certification clearly shows a person’s understanding of the field, for an introductory level-position, and if widely accepted would have a greater impact on entry-level competence of prospective employees into the IT profession. A+ certified prospects would understand the material and would competently handle the tasks set before them streamlining the hiring process and ensuring that new hires knowledge was adequate.