IT Certifications in 2013 – The Top 5 Most Desirable

by QuickCert on May 6, 2013

At the beginning of 2013, everyone was trying to figure out and prepare for which IT certifications were going to be in-demand. Now, five months into the year we have a pretty darn good idea of what is in fact, “in-demand.” Whether you are just starting out and looking to begin a career in IT or you are a seasoned geek looking to further enhance you qualifications and skill set – these are the top IT Certifications in 2013.

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#1 MCSA CertificationMicrosoft Certified Solutions Associate

This Microsoft certification is considered the basic, entry-level certification and is a must have when thinking of entering the IT workforce. This certification gives you a basic foundation in information technology and prepare you for many other, higher Microsoft certifications.

#2 PMP CertificationProject Management Professional

Having a project management certification is a basic skill that will always be valued. This certification is popular and likely required for a long time to come. Being able to plan, manage and reduce costs for IT projects is a highly needed skillset to any organization. As companies continue to do more with less, this skillset becomes increasingly valuable and effective. Think of it this way – it also adds another element to your resume!

#3 MCSE Certification – Private Cloud

If you’ve turned on an electronic device in the past year, you’ve mostly likely heard the word, “cloud” – better yet, even if you are living in a box, you most likely have heard the word, “cloud.” And now, Microsoft has released an expert certification similar to of CompTIA and CCP’s cloud certifications. With this new way of thinking about electronic storage, cloud computing has increased a demand for IT professionals who can construct cloud computing solutions, manage and monitor them on various technology platforms.

#4 VCP CertificationVMware Certified Professional

Before you jump on the “Cloud,” band wagon be sure to take the first step towards certification, virtualization. VMware is the strongest, most vital piece to a virtualization platform. And with the speed the “Cloud” platform is gaining, this is a sure thing for future must-have certifications. In order to be ready for this test, you need to attend an instructor-led training session by an authorized training partner of VMware.

 #5 CISSP CertificationCertified Information Systems Security Professional

Aside from all of the new “cloud” stuff, security and compliance remain two of the most important functions in IT and two of the most challenging. The CISSP certification is one of many for security related job functions.  It is one of the most highly regarded, helping you receive one of the higher salaries in IT. Security experts in IT have a very important role to keep systems as safe as if they were maintained in-house. Learn more about preparation for this CISSP certification.

So, now that you know the top 5 most desirable IT certifications for 2013, you can prepare and organize your schedule and/or continuing education to put you in the best possible situation for a rock star career in IT.

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