Online IT Training Tips and Tricks – 5 ways to gain the most from your training!

by QuickCert on May 10, 2013

Discover 5 Must-Have IT Training Tips and Tricks

When considering enrolling in online IT training it doesn’t matter who is paying for it, the bottom line always remains: Extract maximum value from the class to produce maximum results in your job functions, and comprehend the necessary skills to get the job done – it’s the same for everyone. Within this article, I will take you through several, tangible, action items to help you take full advantage of any IT training you may be considering and leverage the best learning opportunities presented in your courses.

In any profession, especially for information technology people, staying up to date with the latest technology and trends is a must-do. IT folks need to stay current, with innovative skill sets and ideas for better and faster ways of doing things – which is precisely why so many companies are now requiring their IT departments to take part in continuing education courses, yearly re-certification(s) and further expansion of knowledge in many IT related fields.

Follow the tips below to start gaining the most out of your online IT training today!

Take-a-way #1 – Find an online IT training provider that allows you to learn at your own pace

An excellent online IT training provider will equip you with a diverse package of training experiences. You should have access to everything from instructor-led sessions, and live labs to on-demand lectures, and demos. By having an on-demand feature with a course library you will be able to access training material and work in test atmospheres on your own time. That’s the beauty of online education – learn at your own pace and review the material until you’ve mastered it!

Take-a-way #2 – Test yourself with practice exams to learn your strengths and weaknesses

The QuickCert online IT training platform provides students with a comprehensive set of practice exams, and “live test environments.” This is the best way to help you become an expert in your field, you have the chance to test and demo the skills you will need to become certified in your respective IT area(s). By offering a challenging set of practice exams, QuickCert prepares you for the real certification testing you will encounter at a later date.

Take-a-way #3 – Use an IT training provider that aligns with IT certification course requirements

If you are looking to apply for a job in the IT field, it will most likely require some kind of certification through Cisco, Microsoft, etc. To obtain any of these certifications, you will have to pass tests. Why not pass those tests the first time around with a no-hassle, no-headache approach to learning. QuickCert designs their courses according to the material you will be tested on in your certification exams. Exam objectives remain the top priority in all QuickCert classes – when deciding on your continuing education provider make sure you do your homework and understand how they develop their courses.

Take-a-way #4 – Keep your focus on the IT fundamentals

IT is all about the fundamentals – learn processes, learn how to deconstruct and rebuild from the ground up. Pay attention to how things work, and why. Ask questions and always test! A solid IT Training course will help you truly understand your role in IT and coach you into doing it very well.

Take-a-way #5 – Soak up knowledge from an IT expert

When investing in further education, know who is teaching you! An expert instructor will provide you with more than, “just enough to get you by.” They will help you get on the fast-track to becoming an expert in your IT area in no time. QuickCert instructor, Chuck Moore has been an IT instructor for more than 20 years and has a track record of creating hands-on courses and video tutorials to guide students down the path of excellent certification exam preparation. Furthermore, QuickCert has a 95% pass rate on overall certification exam testing since 1998.

With QuickCert IT Training you will have access to:

– Live support with an actual instructor by phone, email, and webinar
– Instructor guidance on exam preparation strategies, and goals
– Instructor recommendations to build skill sets based your strengths and weaknesses

QuickCert IT Training Instructor with over 20 years of experience!






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