Preparing For Your CCNA Certification

by QuickCert on October 31, 2011


CCNA is a certification acquired by passing a 90 minute written test. Some of the topics included in the test are; LAN design, WAN design, routers, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, VLAN, WLAN and network and management security. There are no prerequisites although there are many training programs that you can enter and materials you can use to study. There are many steps to get you ready for the test, here are few that you can implement to help you prepare and pass this exam.

1. Get your head in the game. If you want to pass then you will need to study extensively for this test. You’ll need to plan on approximately 3-6 months worth of study. Plan to put aside your social life and make the necessary adjustments to prepare for this test.

2. Have the correct study materials. You’ll want to find the right study materials to prepare you for the CCNA. There are multiple study guides and classes out there to help get you ready. There are also forums where you can talk to other students who are preparing or have recently taken the CCNA to get advice and just plain vent.

3. Take a pretest. You’ll want to find a good pretest to take to check your skills. Don’t just take this text once; take different ones multiple times you ensure your preparation. This way you will know for certain that you know the answers and are comfortable with the material.

4. Now schedule the test. Only schedule it once you are ready. Now that you have your test scheduled study some more. Try to find someone who will test you in a different ways to help with your preparation. Take the pretests again.

5. Test time. When the time comes make sure you are studying up until 2 days before the test. Keep taking your pretests.

6. 2 days before the test take some time to relax. The night before the test go out to dinner or a movie. It’s important that you do what you can to de-stress yourself. This can be just as important as all the studying you were doing. You need to relax and enjoy the night so that you can do well the next day. Just don’t get drunk, that is always a bad idea.

The day of the test has come and you have done everything you can to prepare. Take the test with confidence and that will also help you do well. If you have studied and done everything on the above checklist then you should be fully prepared and ready to pass this test.

You can enter the test knowing that you will do well. You will not need to re-certify for your CCNA for three years. When it is time to re-certify be sure to study again. Technology is always changing. By having this certification you have opened a lot of doors in the business world and will hopefully score a great job due to all your hard work.