The 7 Steps Of A Twitter Job Search

by QuickCert on June 20, 2011


Twitter isn’t just a way of keeping up with what your friends and favorite celebrities are doing. It’s time to turn up the heat and use Twitter to land a job that you love. If you haven’t already created an account for yourself, you’re going to want to do that first. When it comes to creating a username, remember your goal is to get a job, so avoid cute names. Keep this in mind if you already have a username and it is less than professional.

Now it’s time to get yourself out there. Figure out what you want to do and start deciding on some different angles.

#1: Research Some Potential Companies. If you want to be a chef, look at restaurants. If you want to work as an accountant, look at various firms. Read what they have to say about themselves and read the comments that people are tweeting on their site. Are the comments positive or negative? You can find out a lot about the way a company is going to treat you simply by seeing how they respond to feedback.

#2: Tweet Your Desires. Get on your homepage and let the world know that you are looking to get a job as a chef or a marketing analyst or whatever it is that you want. Create recipes or ad campaigns or articles about what you do best and post them on a regular basis. Remember that people will find you through searches and through common friends. The more you stay active, the more you will become noticed.

#3: Follow Potential Colleagues. Many of the companies that you are looking at will have professionals posting Twitter comments. Follow these people and as you see fit, comment with an @ message. People will read what you have to say and you may find yourself being connected with the right people.

Remember that, as with any job search, finding the lead is only part of the battle. If you’re in IT make sure to keep your certifications up to date with training from QuickCert

#4: Don’t Lose Traction. The only way you will get noticed and get the connections you need is to keep at it. The chances of you being noticed after a single tweet are unlikely. People will notice you after awhile. If you are posting things on your own page, you can use Social Oomph to schedule posts in the future.

#5:Connect with Recruiters. Recruiters are all over Twitter doing the exact opposite as you. They are trying to find people like you. There are many recruiters across the country so do a few searches and start following the ones in your area that represent your field of work.

#6: Don’t Break Character. You have a certain persona going on. You never know when someone is going to finally click on one of your comments to learn a little bit about you. This means that you don’t suddenly want to start tweeting your frustrations about finding a job or talking about a baseball game because people will see you as desperate or inconsistent.

#7: Be creative. Everyone is looking for something a little different. No one wants resumes posted on their Twitter profiles but they do want someone who is willing to try a unique approach. Send companies links to relevant sites, direct message them with a fresh idea, or link them to your blog where you talk about the industry that you are in.

Twitter is quickly becoming the tool to use when looking for work and connecting with people. Just because it’s a social media site, you cannot rule it out as such. There are a lot of businesses and a lot of professionals that are involved in it because it allows for networking amongst peers and being able to check out what’s hot in the industry without having to go to multiple sites to do it. Dust off your resume and polish up your bio, open an account and get tweeting!