The Hot Target: Network Security Jobs

by QuickCert on April 19, 2011

Network Security Jobs Are On The Rise
Network security is a hot new frontier in the IT industry. As computer networks grow larger and host more and more sensitive data, there is a greater need than ever to secure those networks and protect the confidential data. In addition to this, news stories abound about companies suffering from embarrassing breaches at the hands of hackers. Not only are these situations embarrassing, but they have dire financial consequences for the companies involved.

In Every Problem There is Opportunity
Due to this new focus on security, the information security field has seen unprecedented growth in security focused careers and jobs. Due to high profile breaches, there is great pressure on executives to avoid becoming the next infamous news story. As a result, not only are opportunities abundant, but companies are paying top dollar to hire skilled professionals in this field. As security technology continues to expand and improve, the need for trained professionals who understand and can work with the new technologies continues to skyrocket. Because the newest security technology is intricate and requires a deep, core understanding of IT infrastructure, these jobs cannot be done by just anyone. Corporations are feeling the need to reach out and recruit specially trained individuals who are certified to provide the solutions that their network infrastructure demands.

Be the Solution Corporations Demand
Corporations are in hot pursuit of professionals that can help them secure their network and avoid the negative publicity of a data leak or beach. For an IT professional, this can provide the opportunity to become the sought after security figure that companies are in dire need of. In order to land a career in this hot field, it is vital to possess some of the top industry certifications. In order to stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive field, you can position yourself for success by obtaining certifications such as CISSP, CEH, Security+ and even CISA. With these well-known certifications, it is easy to get your foot in the door and land a top notch job in the security field. Since hackers are unlikely to just give up and go away, this field offers unmatched potential for future job and salary growth.

Understand the Pressure
Due to the nature of IT security, it can be a tough job. At the end of the day, the IT security professionals are the ones who are responsible for keeping the network safe and secure. Many people shy away from these jobs due to this pressure. However, if you are able to survive and thrive in the pressure cooker world of IT security, the job opportunities are endless and you become a vital asset to any company’s success.

Hackers make for exciting news these days. Everyone wants to read about the latest company to be breached and companies want to avoid being the next to be breached. As a result, the IT security field is poised to become one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas for job opportunity and career growth.