Top IT Certifications For 2012

by QuickCert on December 8, 2011

Top IT Certifications 2012

As difficult as the economy is for people looking for a job, one thing that every industry will always need is an IT professional. As long as technology is a major component of companies operations, someone will be needed to maintain and upgrade the various computer hardware and software systems used by business. Finding the right people to fill these positions is a highly competitive field and having the most current and sought after certifications can be the difference when it comes to landing a job or getting a promotion. The following certifications will be some of the most sought after IT certifications in 2012.

Microsoft MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
The Microsoft library of servers and operating systems are the most widely used pieces of software used throughout the business world. It is estimated that over 80% of businesses will use some type of Microsoft product for day to day operations in 2012. There are various levels of Microsoft certifications ranging from Microsoft Technology Associate level certifications all the way up to Microsoft Certified Architects. The certification for IT professionals that deal with everyday operations are the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications. People possessing a MCTS certification show that they demonstrate in-depth knowledge as well as expertise of specific Microsoft products. A different certification is offered for each individual Microsoft product with Windows 7 and Windows Server being the most popular.

CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate
More and more companies are moving away from traditional desktop PCs and adapting wireless technologies such as laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets as both their primary and secondary IT devices. This also means that businesses are going to need to shift their networking architectures from wired LAN configurations to wireless networks. Professionals with Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificates have proven they are able to setup, troubleshoot, monitor, upgrade and maintain networking hardware based on Cisco equipment.

CompTIA A+
Larger companies will run a variety of hardware and software in the same facility. These companies will often seek out a more versatile IT person as opposed to a specialist and typically will look for someone with an A+ certification. People with a CompTIA A+ certification will not only be knowledgeable in IT maintenance, troubleshooting and installation, but also in computer hardware, networking and security. Not only do companies such as HP, Dell and Intel make A+ certification a requirement for IT employees, but so does the United States Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
Hackers are the biggest threat to a corporations data. In 2012, companies will face not just threats from other companies, but could also have their business operations shut down by terrorists or foreign agents as part of a cyberwarfare attack. A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification shows that a professional is aware of the tools and techniques that a hacker would use against a company by themselves mastering the very same methods. This way, someone with a CEH certification can analyze a network and be able to spot weaknesses that a digital intruder could use and exploit to their advantage and then correct those weak points in order to secure the network.

VMWare vSphere VCP
One final area that will be showing growth in 2012 is virtualization technology. Companies will use virtualization to run multiple servers on a single machine instead of each running each service on its own machine. This allows companies to save money on both hardware and power consumption. Virtualization also further expands cloud based computation and storage solutions due to the fact that virtual servers are easier to access remotely compared to traditional hardware servers. Professionals who posses a virtualization certification such as VMWare vSphere VCP show that the are able to plan,implement and maintain a virtualization solution based on the needs of a company.

Without a doubt there are other certifications that will be important as we head into 2012.  The purpose of this list is to give students a solid tool box to head into the job force.  Never stop learning and growing and make sure to do all necessary research into whatever certification you might be interested in.  Here’s to a strong 2012!