If You Want It Done Right…

by QuickCert on March 24, 2011


With never-ending technical issues, and out-of-site repair bills, Cathy Guntert, 50, came up with a solution to solve both – she’d learn to repair computers.

“I knew it couldn’t be that hard, but just a matter of know-how,” says Cathy. “The repair techs would step in my door, do their thing, then hand me a big bill on their way out – all within about 30 minutes.”

After some online research, and reading testimonials from IT training students, Cathy felt certain she’d learn everything she needed by taking a CompTIA A+ Course. Plus, as a bonus, she’d be able to earn a certification that proves it. But, because the subject was new to her, she poised questions to Career Advisors at several training companies, including QuickCert’s Lisa Grandmaison.

“Lisa was really nice and took time to thoroughly answer all my questions,” says Cathy. “And out of the reps I spoke to, she seemed to be among the most knowledgeable on the subject.”

In December 2009, Cathy began self-training with the DVD courses and books QuickCert sent her. However, with a February 2010 certification test deadline looming, she quickly realized the learning pace she set for herself wasn’t fast enough.

“Doing it on my own wasn’t working,” says Cathy. “I wouldn’t have been able to pass without the webinars.”

The webinars are part of QuickCert’s exclusive Live Instructor Support Package, which she added to her training regimen. The live, how-to webinars are led by IT expert, Chuck Moore, and archived for later viewing and re-viewing. In addition, the package allowed Cathy to call or email Chuck at any time, as much as she wanted, for customized answers to her CompTIA training questions.

[pullquote]“Doing it on my own wasn’t working,” says Cathy. “I wouldn’t have been able to pass without the webinars.”[/pullquote]

“He makes learning fun and things simple to understand by breaking down the technical aspects into plain English,” she says.

Cathy beat her deadline and is now CompTIA A+ Certified. She makes good use of what she learned and is saving money by personally handling her own computer fixes. She’s also even built a computer, from scratch, for a friend of her husband.

“[Before getting certified] I never thought I’d be able to do it,” reveals Cathy. “The day I put that computer together all by myself, then turned it on and it worked, was one of the happiest days of my life.”

Cathy is looking forward to training again with QuickCert to earn her CompTIA Network+ (and possibly Security+) Certification. She also intends to open her own computer repair shop and use her expertise to help others, while earning money while she’s at it.

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