What You Need To Know About The A+ Certification Exam

by QuickCert on September 13, 2010

Your Checklist for the A+ Exam

You don’t need us to tell you how fierce competition in the IT space is. The job market can feel like swimming against the current… with weights strapped to your arms… and a pack of sharks at your heels. If you plan on making a living in our post Great Recession world, there are three words you should make your new motto…

Differentiate or die.

Being intelligent, passionate and driven isn’t enough. You have to display these attributes, or else
you’re just another name on a resume. And that’s where the compTIA A+ certification comes in.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the A+ certification test is an unbiased quiz for computer technicians. It gauges
core competency, awarding certification when you pass a two section exam.

The two sections are titled Essentials and Practice. As their names suggest, the former is theory-
oriented while the latter is based on real world scenarios. Each exam contains 100 questions and takes
roughly 90 minutes each to complete.

[pullquote]And, as a computer tech, it may be the best 1 ½ hours you ever spend.[/pullquote]

What to expect

A+ certification training is no walk in the park. This section will make it a bit easier. This information
is pulled almost verbatim from the latest A+ cert objectives.

Essentials Training

You must earn a minimum score of 675 out of a possible 900 in order to pass. Here are the general
themes that are covered:

• Hardware
• Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance
• Operating Systems and Software
• Networking
• Security
• Operational Procedure

Practice Training

You must earn a minimum score of 700 out of a possible 900 in order to pass. The general themes
covered are identical to the Essential exam. The difference is in how the questions are structured. While
Essentials is mostly theoretical, the Practice exam uses real-life scenarios as problems which you must
solve using tools and troubleshooting techniques.

Bridge Test Training

The bridge test is for those that hold A+ certification earned under the 2006 objectives that want to
upgrade. Specifically, you must have earned the cert by taking the 220-601 along with either the 220-

602,220-603 or 220-604 exams.

As a side note, those that DO have certification under the 2006 objections but DID NOT take the exams
outlined above must take the standard test.

General themes are the same for the bridge test as the essential test. The only difference is you don’t
have to take the Practice section.

Where to Take the Exam (and how much it’ll cost)

The exam will cost you $168 in the US, but this fee varies depending on your country of origin. You can
find a global pricing PDF by clicking here.

The actual tests are administered by Pearson VUE and Prometric. Go to their respective websites and
type in your address to located testing centers near you.