What’s the new MCSE Certification all about?

by QuickCert on October 28, 2013

Learn about the New MCSE Certification

The new MCSE Certification now stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, as opposed to the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer it used to be. The main reason for the change is due to legal requirements: the term “engineer” holds different meanings in different countries, and to hold the title of engineer requires a certain set of skills. So Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Cisco’s book and used the Associate and Expert names instead. The original MCSE was widely recognized by employers as the highest level certification you could achieve in Microsoft operating systems, even if most of those employers didn’t know what it stood for.

The new MCSE has moved in line with the changes in IT over the years, especially with Microsoft’s change in focus in recent years to cloud-based technologies. Fundamentally the exam format has changed very little, the examination track is shorter and more focused, and more importantly the qualification is recognized again. The new MCSE won’t be any less confusing with exam options than the MCITP, but that was never the issue with the MCITP — it was all in the name. If Microsoft had adopted this approach with the Windows server 2008 examination series, then the MCSE would be even more established than it is today.

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