White, Black, or Grey Hat Hacker?

by QuickCert on November 18, 2013

In a video interview by a USA Today reporter – Byron Acohido spoke with Marc Maiffret – BeyondTrust’s CTO, talking about the bounty Maiffret paid a Palestinian man for hacking into Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. He positioned the man as a white hat “vulnerability researcher” and paid him $13,000. This may seem like a black and white issue to some – however after recently asking about this in an IT community forum – it has proven to be a grey area.

Was he right or wrong for paying this man? It seems controversial – the man was technically “underground” in his attempts to hack a U.S. company’s webpage and find “unknown issues.” However, the United States government seeks out people who can find these vulnerabilities – the article actually says they buy or purchase them to stay ahead of the underground or criminal/bad hackers.

What do you think? Was he right or wrong?

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Original article and source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/cybertruth/2013/11/11/ethical-hackers-play-vital-role-in-improviing-security/3497427/