Windows 7 Certification Is Smoking Hot

by QuickCert on October 14, 2010

Windows 7 Certification is one of the hottest out there

There is no doubt that Windows 7 is the hottest operating system out there right now.  A Windows 7 certification training course is a great way to get certified for configuring Windows 7. If you are looking for a career in Information Technology, then dealing with Windows 7 may seem a little basic. It is probably easy for you to use Windows 7, and most users can figure it out easily enough for themself.

However, learning to configure Windows 7 for corporate environments is important. As with any operating system in a corporate environment, there are some special things you are going to need to do with it. You will probably need to place restrictions on individual computers, so that users can’t download bad software. You may need to install software to work with the network software and servers. You will also have to configure it to connect to the network. Some of these settings aren’t very obvious, and you will need to learn how to take care of them all. Even if you regularly use Windows 7, the Windows 7 Configuring Certification course will help introduce you to some settings which you wouldn’t otherwise have experience with.

In a corporate environment, you will likely being working with professional versions of Windows 7, rather than the home edition. You will learn your way around the administrator settings so that you can manage large groups of computers which will be connected to the network.

Depending on the company you work for, you may also need to configure special hardware devices with Windows 7. The certification course will teach you all about the different types of hardware that Windows 7 can work with, and how to install and configure them.

You will need to know how to monitor system performance to make sure that the computers are running smoothly and that they have enough resources to do the tasks assigned to them. You will have to monitor individual computers, as well as deal with network loads and making sure that they stay under maximum capacity.

One of your most important jobs will be to ensure that all of the computers on the network are regularly backed up, so that they can be restored if something happens. You will also, of course, learn how to restore computers from a backup in case something should happen to them.

Microsoft is the most used operating system for businesses, and Windows 7 is the latest version. If you’re going into a career in Information Technology, then you will want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest operating system that you will be working with. QuickCert offers you this Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification so that you can get the resume booster you need to show you can deal with PCs. This probably won’t be the only certification you’ll need, but it is important to remember that a certification like this, which might seem basic, is important. The Windows 7 Configuration Certification is perfect for the IT professional who wants to get a job as a network administrator of Microsoft PCs.